Thursday, February 25, 2010

In character.

In this post I wanted to make a list of my ten favourite female movie characters. These women all have something particular that inspires me, and they play in my favourite movies. Here's my list, in a random order:

1. Clementine
movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
actress: Kate Winslet
Changing her hair colour along with her mood, Clementine is the most impulsive women you can imagine. She always says what she's thinking and is afraid of nothing. She likes alcohol and doing crazy stuff like breaking into a stranger's home and laying on ice. What I like about her, is her freedom. She'll never do anything she doesn't want, listens only to herself and is "just some fucked up girl who's looking for her own peace of mind."

2. Amelie
movie: Amelie
actress: Audrey Toutou
Amelie never learned how to interact with other people; maybe that's why she doesn't look at the world the way we do. She secretly tries to save humanity with her mysterious manoeuvres. I like her view on things, she sees the beauty in ordinary things we never look twice at.

3. Cher
movie: Clueless
actress: Alicia Silverstone
Cher, a spoiled brat living her American Dream in LA, has great style (see my post "As If!"). She knows exactly what she wants, and does everything just a bit more classy than everyone else. I like her because of her funny speeches, undeniable logic and confident attitude. Her romantic view on love is something you wouldn't expect from this popular rich girl.

4. Coco Summer
movie: 500 days of Summer
actress: Zooey Deschanel
She's weird but cool in a mysterious way, entirely real but faking everything at the same time. She is incomprehensible and likes to stay that way. Only a few people had the opportunity to see through her eyes and look in her heart. I like that it's impossible to understand her. You'll never know what her next move is going to be. And her favourite Beatle is Ringo Star. That counts for something.

5. Juno
movie: Juno
actress: Ellen Page
She doesn't care what other people think of her. She's in that phase of nearly reaching adulthood, but still having a lot of childish features. Still, she can be a lot wiser than most adults she knows. Why I think she's cool? The girl has a freaking hamburger telephone! And Tara Mcpherson pictures on her walls.

6. Marie Antionette
movie: Marie Antionette
actress: Kirsten Dunst
One thing's obvious: Marie Antionette sure knows how to party! She and her friends are like the Paris Hiltons from the eigteenth century; parties, clothes, makeup, champagne, beautiful food and, of course, the drama. Because despite her richness her life isn't easy. Being only 15 when she married the French dauphin, a lot of pressure is on her to produce an heir as soon as possible. She's so naïve, but has a lot to worry about. I think she feels partying is the only way she can be herself and let go of all her worries.

7. Eli
movie: Let the right one in
actress: Lina Leandersson
Eli is a vampire. And no, not in a Twilight/True Blood/Vampire Diaries beautiful sparkly vegetarian way. In fact, she's truly one to be afraid of. But she protects her friend Oskar well. She saves his life and even kills the kids that have been bullying him for a long time. Well, that's true friendship. Her extras: she climbs trees and turns very bloody if she enters a home where she's not invited.

8. Hermione Granger
movie: Harry Potter series
actress: Emma Watson
Reading my first Harry Potter book at the age of seven, I kind of grew up with the series. Hermione was always my favourite. She's smart, curious and eager to learn. She can be kind of a bitch, but she also has a great sense of girlpower. She stands up for people who're discriminated (house elfs, mudbloods) and isn't afraid to fight for her beliefs.

9. Poppy
movie: Happy-go-lucky
actress: Sally Hawkins
Poppy is always happy. When her bike gets stolen, she's only sad because she didn't have a chance to say goodbye. She's absolutely happy with her life and her job as a primary school teacher. She's never grumpy, always positive and sees the good things in life. I think we all should follow her sunshine lifestyle.

10. Allison Reynolds
movie: The Breakfast Club
actress: Ally Sheedy
She's the most interesting person in the movie The Breakfast Club. She can make the craziest facial expressions, is a bit dark, and does intriguing things with her breakfast. I think her attitude and personal style are very cool, in some kind of grungy, gothic Marc Jacobs way. At the end of the movie she transforms into this cute girly girl with a headband. I liked her better before.

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