Wednesday, December 9, 2009

With her feet on the ground, and her head in the clouds...

Omg, I sure have a lot to catch up on! First, I want to tell you guys about Sinterklaas: a tradition here in the Netherlands. It's like Santa Claus, but not with Christmas; we celebrate it on the 5th of December. We all give each other presents and pretend they come from an old man, Sinterklaas, who's so rich that he buys everyone presents every year. My presents were very cool: an old polaroid camera, a photobook, a fashion gamebook and delicious bath pearls from Sephora. Making surprises for each other is a tradition too; my friend made me this beautiful sculpture with pictures of my blog glued to it:

Pretty cool, isn't it?

Then, I went to see Paramore in Tilburg yesterday. They were so amazing. It was exhausting, though; we had to wait for like two hours until the doors opened, and then there were three bands in the supporting program (Now, Now Every Children, Paper Route and You Me At Six). But when Paramore finally started, it was stunning. It was all worth it. Hayley's voice is so beautiful live, and there were a lot of fans, so everyone could sing along all the time. I tried to make pictures, but like 80 per cent turned out bad because I couldn't get them sharp. But it was so not my fault: everyone was pushing and jumping around all the time!

And, to end with something fashion; December is THE Party season, so I'm looking for a pretty dress. I love the Rodarte for Target collection, but because I don't live in America, it's sadly impossible for me to buy these beautiful dresses:

Dakota Fanning wearing a Rodarte for Target dress in TeenVOGUE.

In American Vogue.

These from Topshop are also very suited for the holidays:

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