Sunday, December 20, 2009

The circus never dies...

Yeeeah, I'm free of school! Because I have a lot of spare time now, I decided today to match the fall 2009 runway shows to songs. Here's my playlist:

Givenchy> White Lies ~ To Lose My Life

All different kinds of shapes passed the Givenchy runway. It all fitted together because it was all ruled by the dark, elegant, gothic-like atmosphere Givenchy is known for. This song by the White Lies has the same dark feeling.
D&G> Lady GaGa ~ Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

I love this collection from D&G a lot. It was inspired by the Opera, but I don't really like Ave Maria... So I picked Lady GaGa, who describes the lives of the rich and beautiful, exactly the people who'll be wearing these pieces.
Chloé> A Fine Frenzy ~ Think Of You

The soft and comfy pieces showed by Chloé reminded me of sitting in a chair by the fire and drinking hot chocolate while it's snowing outside. A Fine Frenzy makes dreamy, comfy music for quiet days.
Balmain> The Dead Weather ~ Treat Me Like Your Mother

Balmain's rock chick bling style matches perfectly the sound of The Dead Weather. The gun shot metal that you see on skirts and dresses also shows in their video of this song, where they carry huge guns while wearing leather jackets.
Balenciaga> Yelle ~ Ce Jeu
C'est trés Parisien, Balenciaga's 2009 fall collection! That's why I chose Yelle's song Ce Jeu. It's a song for the more contemporary Parisienne, but still. It embodies the French spirit perfectly.
Tell me what you think; did I pick the right songs? Would you've done it differently? Which songs would you change? I'd love to hear from you. I hope you'll have great holidays!

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