Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Goddess Juno

I think Juno Temple is a great actress. You may have seen this Brit girl in several movies where she plays supporting roles; like Drippy in Wildchild, Jane Parker in The Other Boleyn Girl, in The Atonement and Notes On A Scandal. This year, she plays in the comedy Year One, alongside Jack Black and Michael Cera.

I think her hair is so cool. It's just so wild and crazy!
I think we're going to hear a lot from her. In 2009, she'll appear in at least six movies!
There's this new band I found, called Au Revoir Simone, and you should really watch their music videos on youtube. They're very talented and the videos are all mysterious, creative and dreamy, just like their music.
They do remind me a bit of girl band The Like, except for the fact that their music couldn't be more different.
Watch it here: Dark_Halls

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