Friday, May 15, 2009

Real Street Art

There's something really cool going on in my hometown, The Hague. There are a lot of electricity buildings from Eneco in and around town, but they(Eneco) didn't take care of the buildings. They were all really dirty and with ugly graffiti tags on them. So the local museum decided to fight graffiti with graffiti, and they asked a lot of graffiti artists and adolescents to pimp up the buildings. They did a great job! When I cycle through town now, I see all this beautiful buildings with awesome graffiti pieces on them. It's real art.

I also took a graffiti workshop with a friend at the museum, and I absolutely loved it! I don't know, there's just something really cool about spraying paint to one work of art. We all got our own panel to spray, and I made an angel character. I will post a photo of it later, because it's really big and I couldn't take it home with me. I have to get it later... I think it will be nice decoration for my room.^^

Awesome vid:

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