Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lovely Library

There are a few pictures I owe you guys:
My jumpsuit:
Jumpsuit: it was my mom's, belt: vintage, T-shirt: Didi, tights: V&D.
My graffiti painting:

Talking about graffiti, me and my friends made more than 20 euro yesterday with selling our graffiti art. We were just messing around with aerosoles on wood, and then came up with the idea of ringing the doorbells of my neighbours. We sold all our paintings! Even a legging that we pimped up with graffiti. We had so much fun:).
I went to the library this week, and rented almost all the books of Jane Austen they had. I read Pride and Prejudice and loved it, so now I'm starting with Emma. I like her writing style a lot. I also rented four CD's;
The Pigeon Detectives - Emergency

Best track: Emergency
The Pigeon Detectives - Wait For Me

Best track: I'm not sorry

Best track: You'll find a way
Gabriella Cilmi - Lessons To Be Learned

Best track: Einstein
Emiliana Torrini - Me And Armini

Best track: Jungle drum
I also rented music sheets for the Pride and Prejudice movie theme song, Dawn. I just love this song, you can listen to it here: Dawn
I've done a lot of renting this week, because I also went to the video rental store. I rented Into The Wild (Emile Hirsch, Kristen Stewart), Burn After Reading(Brad Pitt, George Cloony), The Beach(Leonardo DiCaprio) and Amelie(Audrey Toutou). I love all these movies. Especially Amelie, it's a movie you absolutely have to see.

Audrey Toutou also plays in a movie I'm very excited about, Coco Avant Chanel.
You can watch the trailer here:
My mom bought a REAL DIOR JACKET in a second hand store for me. I'm so lucky...
Jeans and top: Only, jacket: vintage.
Thanks mom!
I've been considering to buy the dress on the left at the bottom. But it's 70 euro...:( I don't have that much clothing money...
Matthew Williamson for H&M
This is what I wore today:
Skirt: Pimpkie, T-shirt: Hema, vest: vintage.
I hope you could follow this messy post;). I hope I will be able to stick to one subject next time...
I'm currently listening to:
Born for this - Paramore

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