Sunday, January 9, 2011

I wish to embellish!

A lazy sunday, nothing better to do (not entirely true (read: schoolwork); it's time for a DIY! I'm already looking forward to summer, and because of all the spring fashion, I can't wait until temperatures start rising. As I am currently obsessed with sequined and embellished shorts, I decided to transform my beat up cut off jeans shorts into a more glamorous garment. Embellished shorts appeared on the Balmain runway:

And also in the Topshop 'Behind the scenes at our spring 2011 shoot' video (watch around 0:50)
All you need for this DIY is a pair of jeans shorts, a lot of old jewellery, brooches and beads, a pair of scissors and needle and thread.

I also used old earrings to adorn the shorts:
This was the result of one afternoon hard work:
I created a casual army look around my new shorts, can't wait to wear this during summer...

Top and shirt: H&M, sunglasses: Ray Ban, shoes: Topshop, bag: vintage, shorts: were once Only jeans.
I can recommend this DIY, it's not difficult and fun to do! Let me know what you think.

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