Monday, November 16, 2009

Vampire Weekend

When I first watched the Vampire Diaries, the new serial on the CW, it seemed to me a complete copy of the Twilight saga. But now I've seen a couple of episodes, I actually begin to like it. Yes, it's about vampires. Yes, the human girl falls in love with the vegetarian vampire. But apart from these two things, everything is different. And, btw, the Vampire Diaries books were written before Stephenie Meyer's. In Twilight, everything is about the love between Edward and Bella. They'll love each other for eternity, but it's dangerous for Bella to be so involved in the vampire world as a human. In the Vampire Diaries, things are more like a soap. I'm talking about murder, betrayal, drugs; and it seems like Elena and Stephen don't have to be very careful when they kiss. Add to that the good looking boys, and I think I've found myself a new addictive serial!

Talking about the Vampire Diaries, there're more bloody things going on this week: I'll be going to the premier of New Moon! Me and my friends are going to make it a whole New Moon-night: first, we'll watch Twilight, then we'll have dinner somewhere (we'll have to go get the tickets while we're eating), and then... NEW MOON!

I think I'm not the only one who noticed: What's going on with vampires these days? Everyone's so obssessed about them. Oh, right, I might be one of them too... Whatever. What I'm trying to say is, that every movie, serial, book, song, etc. is about vampires. And now I'm wondering why it appeals to so many people. I think it's a mix between the fact that vampires are goodlooking, immortal creatures with supernatural powers, and the torture they have to face when they try to be good. It's also some kind of Romeo and Juliet thing; "we're in love but we can't be together." That theme is ages old, but still, everyone (including me) loves it. Talk about the power of love...

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