Saturday, October 3, 2009

Music moves me

I don't know if you guys follow the reality show "Taking the stage," but I really love it. It's just so inspiring to see all these extremely talented people who're trying to realize their dreams. I'm a big fan of Mia Carruthers. She writes such original and beautiful songs, and her voice is amazing! She says she wants to be signed at the age of 18, and I honestly can't think of a reason why that would not happen.
You can check her out on YouTube:


Jasmine, Tyler and Mia from Taking the Stage

Another music thing that has made me happy this week: Brand New Eyes, the new album from Paramore! I love this band, I love all their songs. Hayley's voice is just so powerful, and the lyrics are always beautiful. My favourite songs on Brand New Eyes: All I Wanted, The Only Exception
and Misguided Ghosts.
And the best: I'm going to their concert in December!! I'm so excited, OMG!! I think they're going to be great live.

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