Saturday, April 25, 2009

Inspiring Images

I bought a copy of British Vogue may recently, and there was one article that really stood out. It was about how one picture could change your life or your career path. There were photographers, fashion designers and stylists that described the image that opened their eyes.
The two most beautiful pictures were:

Patrick Demarchelier: "I love the spirit of Sokolsky's pictures. They're like a dream."

Simone d'Aillencourt by Melvin Sokolsky 1963
Manolo Blahnik: "For me, this picture encapsulated the absolute modernity of the time. I was fascinated and very inspired by how a man who grew up in Edwardian times, and who had captured the essence of every decade he had worked in, could still continue to do so with such sharpness and perfection. The picture shows the intelligence and the artistic capability of one of the geniuses of twentieth-century fashion photography. To this day, together with those of Mr [Irving] Penn, I find Beaton's photographs still just as inspiring."

Jean Shrimpton by Cecil Beaton 1964
In the same magazine, I found a picture that was very inspiring to me: it gave me the absolute feeling of summer and freedom. It came from a fashion shoot in Damascus. The whole shoot is very beautifully taken; in and around the Syrian capital, with shimmering metalics.

model: Stella Tennant
fashion editor: Bay Garnett
photographer: Tom Craig

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