Sunday, March 1, 2009


OMG, I adore these shoes! I saw them in teenVOGUE. I just definitely gotta have them. My mom is going to America in march, so she'll buy them for me then. I can't wait!
Yeah, I don't have any basic denim shorts anymore. I need them for spring. I'll be wearing them with tights underneath it and a sweater when it's cold, and with sandals and a blouse when it's warm.

I saw yellow nails in a magazine. I think it's very fresh, and it makes me looking forward to flowers.

I don't know, zebra printed leggings are just cool. End of story.

These necklaces are so cute! I like bows in any form, but haven't seen these much yet.

So, it seems like I should start saving my money... I need a job, too...

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