Monday, August 17, 2009

Fall Wishlist

Hi everyone, I'm back! I've had a wonderful holiday in Marocco, where I went backpacking with my family. I've seen very beautiful cities and extreme landscapes, I've met so many nice people and I've learned a lot too. I hope you all had fantastic holidays!
Well, I'm back home, and the new school year's about to begin (I have two free weeks left). For me, that means three things:
1. My birthday, I was born on September 22nd(finally fifteen)
2. The new school year; new classes, teachers, subjects...
3. And, of course, the new fall fashion!! I can't wait to decide how my new fall wardrobe is going to look like....
This'll be my wishlist:
1. Studded boots, like these from topshop;

2. A military jacket to throw over my distressed jeans, like this one from Balmain;
3. A men's blazer to wear with a white lace dress, like this girl on the streets of Paris does;
4. The perfect shade of red lipstick;
5. Bright scarves in all kinds of colours and prints, like this pink one from Marc Jacobs;

6. A big red bag for school, like the one this stylish girl is wearing;
7. I always love the bright, colourfull ads from Juicy Couture, but I just gotta have their newest fragrance: Couture Couture. I collect perfume bottles, and this will be one of my jewels.
The single thing I don't like from all the fall fashion, is the obsession about the extremely high boots. I don't know, it just looks ugly to me. I prefer ankle booties! What do you guys think?

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