Sunday, July 12, 2009

Walkin' on sounds...

'Soundwalks' is a project that I was working on this year. A soundwalk is some kind of audio tour, you're cycling a route while you're listening to instructions. The soundwalk can be played on an iPod as podcast. You'll hear a voice that tells you where to go, you'll hear some background information and you'll hear recorded sounds like birds and talking people. At the same time, you'll see beautiful photos on your iPod. It's the cool combination of seeing, hearing and being there at the same time that makes you really experience all the places.
The soundwalks are designed for expats: children whose parents work at multinational companies; who are living in The Hague for some years. With the soundwalks they can learn something more about the place where they live. I made a soundwalk with two friends; it was really fun to do. We planned the route, wrote the script (the script had to be in English. This was sometimes hard, because English is not our original language, but I think we learned a lot of it), recorded the sounds and made the photographs. The soundwalks are not completely finished, but you can sneak a peak on the website; watch example A, that's the one I made.
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